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November 2017 Update

November 2nd, 2017 at 06:22 am

It has been 8 months since my last update, things have just been on auto pilot recently!


$ 139,506.43 October 2017
- $375.31 Regular Principal
- $150.00 Additional Principal
$138,981.12 November 2017



Been maintaining since July 2017, we diverted some funds to pay for our yearly (at least it seems that way) visit to FL, which we took end of September. This fund increases by approximately $1,000/ month, given maintaining our current wages and cash flow.

NVF (New Vehicle Fund):


I have been saving for a new vehicle. There is nothing wrong with my current 10 year old Honda that I basically maintain myself, just find myself requiring the use of a truck more often than not. Has 106K miles and just put new tires on it. I just paid for mounting and balancing and an alignment at the dealer and gave them my customer supplied tires. I was able to research best price and model of tire for my needs. My next vehicle is probably a mid-size truck, so I began saving Jan 2017, those are not cheap. Just seeing how close I can come to either an outright cash deal or 50-60% down with a 36 month note on the remainder and keep some additional cash liquid. I would not be trading my fun to drive simple driver oriented Honda Civic Si 4 door Sedan, it would see garage duty and nice weather cruising. Ford and Jeep are supposed to be releasing new products to the segment in the next 8-12 months or so. This fund increases by approximately $832/ month, given maintaining our current wages and cash flow.


I cashed out 6 weeks of time at work in September, I put it all in my personal saving account. In 2018, I will be cashing out another 4 weeks and just banking it there as well. The first of the year, in January, I will be receiving a yearly longevity check, which will also boost that account. I have no plans for this money, but I do have a non-frugal automotive hobby as I am an automotive enthusiast.