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2013 Home Improvement Choices

January 11th, 2013 at 04:51 pm

So the last couple years, in Jan. we have decided to make a list of what home improvements we want to do for the year. We usually get a few quotes for projects if a contractor is required, or I spec, source and do the work.

The newest idea is a PVC fence for the rear yard, so I spec'd out the product and solicited bids.

- Contractor 1: $6,700 installed (high overhead)
- Contractor 2: $5,500 installed (low overhead)
- Contractor 3: $6,200 installed (high overhead)

Being I work for the City Engineering Department, I have worked with Contractor 1 and 2 before on City jobs. In addition, installing a fence is not really that difficult and a great DIY project, so I have been dealing mostly with Contractor 2 on a materials only price.

- DIY $3,350 + Sweat Equity! Sounds good to me!

Basement Windows - $2,500 installed
Electrical Upgrade from 100A to 200A - $1,800 installed, permitted, inspected
Central Air - $2,500 installed
Attic Insulation - Adding another layer of R30 for a total of R60 (max recommended in NY) - $300 - DIY

So we will see...