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April 2012 Wrap-Up

April 24th, 2012 at 05:46 pm

Well, being April is winding down I figured I would blog a spending and rewards update.

Today DWs car loan hit, $34.66 to interest, $287.04 to principal for a total of $10,987.10 remaining.

Chase Freedom - I paid the bill quite a bit early in full. I got the promotion that was spend $500 in first 3 months and get $300 cash back. I had the final 70% payment of Phase 2 windows, first 30% Phase 3 windows plus some other items we were going to purchase anyway. I ordered the check on Monday so $325 or so should be in the mail. That will most likely go to the car loan as extra principal. I may keep this card around rather than canceling.

JCP - DW was in desperate need of some new clothing. I am a guy, but is it me or does women clothing not last as long? She usually does a $250 clothing shop a year about this time. She got a few nice items cheap from a local consignment shop. We went to JC Penny for the rest, got a good amount of clothing. We saved 20% by signing up for their credit card. I got the physical card in the mail yesterday and will not be activating it. I will pay the $284 and close it.

Chase Bank - got a promotion for $150 for opening a checking account with them. I may move my EF there being I have access to two local Chase branches. Depending on the interest rate compared to the credit union we use I may keep the account longer then the minimum 6 months required without them taking the promotion back. We will not have a problem sticking to one of their three guidelines with out a service fee on the account.

Health Insurance - We should be getting $150 back of $200 ER copay from earilier this month. The MVP Difference Card is a pain sometimes the my job implemented 2 years ago, but if it means getting reimbursed, it works for me. Just need to put all the copay money upfront when we forget what we pay and what the Difference Card pays.

Windows - Phase 3 of 5

April 17th, 2012 at 06:09 pm

Well today I ordered what I call Phase 3 of window replacements for the house. These windows will be the West side of the house and consists of 3 windows. This phase will cost a total of $2,736, and we put 30% down, as usual, to get them ordered which of that was rounded to $836 for a total of $1,900 remaining after installation.

So far North, and South windows are complete and all phases are being cash flowed which is why they are being purchased in phases. Remaining are East and Basement!

I should be getting $300+ from Phase 2 from spending $500 in 3 months using the Chase Freedom bonus cash promotion.

Now I need to find something similar for Phase 3! Let me know if you come across a good offer!