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What seems like slow progress at a quick glance…

October 24th, 2012 at 10:43 am

Every time I look at our EF, it reminds me that it is only 29% what is really should be. Sitting currently at 5K, we are hoping to have it at 7K by December 31, 2012. It should be at 17.1K for a FULL 6 month EF.

As I look back at the year, I can see why it has been stagnant, and I feel slightly better. This year we have paid for the following large purchases/ expenses/ prepayments in cash:

$10,400 = Windows for Phase 1 – 4 of 5 for the house.
$3,100 = Auto related, taxes, licenses, repairs
$3,000 = Additional total prepayments to auto loan.
$4,000 = Disney World Vacation

That is a total of $20,500 paid.

The auto loan was originated December 2011 for $14,300. We have managed to pay off 41% of that to date, yes, 10 months into a 4 year note! I hope to find some money to have it paid down to 50% by December 31, 2012. If we don’t add any additional to principal it will be at 47% by then.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

October 14th, 2012 at 05:19 pm

The points on our Chase Sapphire Preferred card is ready to be redeemed! $459.16 is coming our way. That will go toward our Phase 4 of 5 window replacement install for the house.

Home Owner’s Insurance Renewal...

October 9th, 2012 at 07:34 am

So we got our home owner’s insurance renewal in the mail, and of course first thing I see is a $30 increase in our premium. Last year was also a $30 increase. So within the two years of owning the home, the insurance has increase $60. Each year it has increased an average of 6 - 7.5%. 2011 – $407.00, 2012 – $437.00 and most recent, 2013 - $467.00. So I further looked onto the description of the property and there were numerous things wrong. The square footage was greater than actual, deck square footage was more than double actual, a porch listed that doesn’t even exist and the amount of finished basement was double actual. In addition, the 100% replacement cost of the dwelling was about $25,000 more than actual. Using the RS Means books at work, I estimated the cost of replacement given our area to be $158,000. Given the updated information to the insurance company, they estimated 100% replacement cost to be $160,000, so not too far away from what I estimated using moderate – luxury replacement figures. So, our updated policy is now $406.00, I wish I had paid closer attention to this in the previous two years! …so…always go through your insurance policies with a fine tooth comb!