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Good-bye Home Phone and No ETF!

October 3rd, 2013 at 01:44 pm

So today I called Verizon to downgrade our Triple Play bundle (FiOS Extreme TV [340+ channels], FiOS Quantam 50/25 Internet, and Unlimited Home Phone). We wanted the promotion that was being advertised for new customers for FiOS Double Play (FiOS Select TV [190+ channels] and FiOS 15/5 Internet, as our original intent was to drop the Home Phone. In order to downgrade AND drop the Home Phone, we would have encountered a $140 ETF.

I spoke to the customer service representative and she stated we could keep our Triple Play with the downgraded TV and Internet and that would be $79.99/ mo. I kindly told her that would not work for us and we would rather pay the $140 ETF, have my wife sign-up as a new customer to get the current promotion as the savings are $35/ mo. from what we currently pay and we would break even in 4 months. Of course she was not able to authorize the price, so I kindly mentioned I would like to cancel the service.

I was, as expected, transferred to the customer retention department where they were able to get us the Double Play at a rate of $79.99 - $10.00 monthly statement credit totaling the $69.99 price for the FiOS Select TV and FiOS 15/5 Internet for 24 months. The person was able to waive the ETF as we maintained service with them. Just a new 2-year agreement starts today, which is fine.

Out of all those channels we are "losing", there is only 1 channel we semi-frequent that we would be losing. In addition, those FiOS Quantam 50/25 Internet speeds are only good for wired connections, not wireless as I have called to complain such when I ran some diagnostic testing in the past and only coming up with 20/15 speeds via wireless connection. Much different than what is advertised on their commercials!

No ETF. Saving $35/ mo. = Win!

Next will be Verizon Wireless. We are in an old plan, I am still Unlimited Data, but we will save $20/ mo with a new Shared Plan as we never use more than 2GB of data combined a month.

I am estimating a $60/ mo. savings between the two, easily, as less costly product means less taxes!

5 Responses to “Good-bye Home Phone and No ETF!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice savings on the tv and phone.

    My husband is on unlimited data with Verizon. Hard to give up, he streams radio on his phone all day at work. I want to get a smart phone but that will just increase our costs from what I can tell. For now we are staying with what we have.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    good job negotiating and standing firm with the provider

  3. imarunner Says:

    great job. i negotiated with sirius xm today. actually they did most of the talking cause i really was going to cancel

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Awesome job!

  5. My Finances Says:

    At this point, in South Africa, we can't get rid of our home phones, because we cannot have good internet connection without them. ADSL is the best we've got, because the wireless is so unstable that you can't use it.

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